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Below are some of our project..

Impact damage on SMT machine shipped from Japan.
Lightning damage to the sattelite system
Corrosion damage on extrusion machine units shipped from Italy.
Fire damaged to the telecommunication room from lightning to ODF.
Concrete mixing machine Impact damaged
Fire damage in generator room from UPS
Water damaged to bowling equipment
Air circuit breaker Impact damaged
Water damage to the imported Euro furniture
Water damage to sali cloth
Water damaged to game and karaoke equipment
Corrosion on Silicone extrusion machine
Water damage to the passenger lift
Nitsuko PABX short circuit
Mould damage to leather furniture
Water damage to Fabric ware house
Fire damage to Oce copier machine
Impact damage to Telecomm cabinet
Corrosion damage to 2,000 metric tons of heat role steel
Train bogey damage from accident
Water damage to Office Automation equipment at CRC tower, All Seasons place
Jaguar car damage from fallen in water



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