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When you suffer a loss from disasters, your business is interrupted...

A fire, hurricane, tornado or flood does not have to be a total disaster. Facilities, electronics, telecommunications, industrial machinery, documents, carpets and furniture most often are restorable to their pre-loss condition. Our disaster recovery and restoration techniques help turn would be losses back into assets. Whether you're planning for the future disaster recovery. Express Recovery is a best choice by several reasons. No job is too large and no job is too small.

Fire, Smoke, Soot, Odor, Fumes damage Restoration

Because of the unique behavior of smoke, a fire loss is very complex. Express Recovery know their smoke!Behavior of Smoke, Types of Smoke e.g. wet smoke, dry smoke, protien, fuel oil soot etc. We specialize in fast & detailed recovery for all types.

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Water, Humidity, Moisture, Wet, Fog odor damage Restoration

Water & humidity brings many consequent problems e.g. rug, odor, mold, mildew, infection and etc. It can damage to walls, floors, ceilings and all contents e.g. furniture, domestic equipment and etc. Express Recovery’s expertise on safely drying, deodorizing, dehumidification, mold migration and disinfecting.

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Electronics, Telecommunications,Medical Equipment & Industrial machinery damage Restoration

The electronic items are mostly the key of all business. To minimize business interruption, our professional will clean the interior of electronic items to stop further damage and send to the qualified electronic technicians or coordinate the specialties of other vendors in the repair and recertification process. Saving time and money is the primary goal of Express Recovery in restoring technology-based equipment.

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Industrial machinery Impact damage Restoration

The machinery impact damage is mostly affected on its body. Express Recovery’s expertise on all kind of metal works and painting. When the damage parts are restored, the alignment and commissioning process shall be performed until it can be back to operation.

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Renovation, Preventive maintenance Services

Building Interior Cleaning, Complete Contents Cleaning, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Oriental Rug Plant -Cleaning, Ozone Decontamination, Computer/Electronics cleaning, HVAC/Duct Cleaning, Exterior Pressure Washing, Painting & Wall covering, Carpet Replacement/Installation, Grass/plant removal and etc.

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Hi-tech Consulting Services

Detailed Loss Estimates, Survey & report, Restorability Evaluations, Depreciation Reports, Claims Investigations, Subrogation Experts, Technical consulting and etc.

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Additional, Specialized Services

Express Recovery provides services on demand. ………….

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